Sunday, March 9, 2014

Starving in Hollywood (2014)

Well this is a first. For the first time, I've been recommended something for review by someone involved in its production-sketch comedy webseries Starving in Hollywood (brought to my attention by cast member Dolores Quintana, who might be familiar to those who've seen Zombie Nation).

Transmission 1

Starving in Hollywood is a scattershot acid trip of a sketch comedy, and yes, I mean that in a good way! This first episode is a very good introduction to this series.

The comedy definitely hits the mark. While it may not be for everyone, there are plenty of laughs to be had here, especially in the first two sketches, and the 99% one. This series is especially appealing to me as I've seen innumerable sketch comedies over the years, and the bad ones are like insects-for every good sketch comedy, there's five shitty ones, and believe me, I've seen some of the worst sketch comedies this side of the Eastern Seaboard. Huge props to the makers of Starving in Hollywood for making an entertaining one!

The acting is good all round, especially from Rebecca Honet, who's not only a beauty, but is a fine actress I'm definitely looking forward to the rest of the series.

Transmission 2

Airing today was episode 2 of SiH, and it's a fine follow-up, with more comedy, and more bits that make you wonder if cameras can 1, Drop acid, and B, Edit film.

This time round, there are some recurring sketches/characters, and some new, and the episode is funny all-round, like Batman's Bane as a chiropractor with exactly the kind of result you'd expect, the hilariously baffling Madness Minute (think Buffalo Bill, Frank Zito, and The Gruesome Twosome), and the Alternative Hollywood Tour group.  There was one sketch (the blimp one) which I didn't find very funny, although I didn't even get it, so maybe it's a reference to something I'm unfamiliar with.

As with before, the acting's all good. No complaints here.

Watch this space for my thoughts on future episodes...

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