Monday, January 2, 2012

Street Fighter: The Animated Series-An Introduction and Other News

January and February are going to be two packed months for Not This Time, Nayland Smith! This month I'm going to review the Street Fighter animated series, and next month (assuming my computer has a 'DVD decoder' by that time (whatever that is I don't know, I'm not a techie, but I know someone who is)) I'll get reviews for Tremors: The Series up-and by Tremors: The Series, I don't mean the movie series,  no, there was a Tremors TV series! Really!!-and reviews for The Adventures of Fu Manchu TV series! It'll have taken nearly a year, but my blog's namesake is finally going to make an appearance!

In the meanwhie, enjoy this infamous clip from Street Fighter: The Animated Series!


  1. I think I tried watching the animated Street Fighter--not sure if it was the series or film--on Netflix but it just didn't work for me. I've never been a big anime or, well, non-kids film animation fan, and even knowing the characters so well from the game, I just couldn't stand watching their cartoon versions. Give me Raul Julia and give him to me now!

  2. The world needs more Raul Julia! And more Belgian American commandos! I'm working on an action movie script, I might as well try and fit the latter in! haha!