Friday, March 16, 2012

Not This Time, Nayland Smith's One Year Anniversary!

Well actually said anniversary was 7 days ago, on the 9th of March...

Let me tell you, it really doesn't feel like a year ago when I first penned the reviews for Jaguar Lives, and Frostbitten (which was a couple-paragraph long filler review, just so my blog would have some kind of post until I wrote and put together my first proper review).

It's been a fun year!       I didn't get around to watching the Howling series for my Howlathon, due to me being busy with other stuff;      despite my blog being named after Nayland Smith, I've practically reviewed everything under the sun except for a Fu Manchu movie (most differingly will be my upcoming Overboard review, to be posted on the 17th of March-Kurt Russell Day!);         I saw the great Dirty Dozen Mission double feature;             I would have watched and reviewed the goofy Street Fighter animated series if not for the fact that just as I saw the first two episodes, all eps of the show were removed from youtube;           I saw Fire Dragon, a movie that I'm not sure even exists, and my review may have been not only the only review of Fire Dragon on the whole internet, but also one of the few sources on the net (and definitely the most comprehensive) to even acknowledge the film's existence, but that day, blogger decided to screw me over for no reason and it sliced my Fantasy Mission Force/Fire Dragon double review right in half!;            I've reviewed a Christopher Lambert-Mario Van Peebles buddy action movie (that I accidentally spoiled the ending of!);             I talked about a not-very-well-known, fantastic Argentinian crime/horror show, Epitafios (Epitaphs);          I saw a Turkish film where Spiderman counterfeits lira, kills a woman with a boat propeller, wears a Hannibal Lecter skin suit, strangles a woman to death with a telephone cord, stab a couple to death in a shower, and feed a man's face to ravenous guinea pigs!;              I reviewed an Ulli Lommell (the first, and definitely not the last time I'll be talking about his cenobiticly bad films);            I reviewed one of forgotten 80's action hero Pierre Kirby's most obscure movies;         I watched and reviewed a horror box-set of mixed quality;               and to top it all off, there was the huge december (plus the tail end of november) where I wrote and posted nine, NINE reviews! (which took a LOT of effort and a LOT of procrastinaton to deal with-if I hadn't have procrastinated as much, I would have gotten over six more reviews up).

I've got to thank all of my readers and all of my followers. I'm not sure I would have gotten this far if no-one ever read this blog of mine-and I am glad that many did and still do!  Thanks everyone!   Now I've got to sign off and write the rest of the Adventures of Fu Manchu episode reviews, all of the Tremors: The Series episode reviews, and all of the The Persuaders episode reviews, as well several random films, ranging from sword-and-sandal, to wartime martial-arts "starring" Jackie Chan, a horror film staring one 'Sarah Bey', several Charles Bronson film reviews, several reviews of early Alfred Hitchcock films, to a random Dutch DVD (with no English subtitles) I bought of a Dutch detective series called Baantjer, several action films, namely the rest of the Daniel Bernhardt Bloodsport series and several Jim Wynorski and Fred Olen Ray action flicks, Italian post-apocalyptic and spaghetti westerns reviews, and much more! Here's hoping for another great year for Not This Time, Nayland Smith, and hopefully one where I won't be constantly be plagued by screenshot problems with my computer...Here's to many more years!


  1. Happy one year in the blogging world! Thanks for linking up with May Monster Madness! Be sure to grab the button and spread the word. =D

  2. congratulations! Here's to another year!