Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October Absence


I was planning on getting 31 reviews up this month-one for each day of halloween, but my internet (and phone line) died for about a week, so that put a dent into that plan, and reviewer burnout did the rest. So, yeah, sorry to all who were expecting talk on Australian grindhouse flicks, Lovecraftian horrors with crap endings, or Jason taking Canadian New York, but rest assured, those reviews will all come in November, as will my 7 movie Bandit-thon, which my participating in the Camp and Cult Blogathon, and my Halloween reviews postponed.

So, until then...


  1. If I may say, don't ever feel pressured to do the 31 days of October marathon. Burnout is the worse thing that can happen with blogging, so pressuring yourself like that isn't worth it. Do it because you enjoy it.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Emily!

    At least my burnout's gone now...and procrastination has taken its place! I guess I just can't win! haha!

    Well as soon as I can show procrastination The Hitcher remake and render it immobile, I'll try and pump out a bunch of reviews! Expect unofficial sequels to Cannibal Holocaust, Smokey and the Bandit 4, 5, 6, and 7 (yeah, they really exist!), 80's horror borefests, and neon 80's slices of horror gloriousness!

  3. Unofficial sequels are the best kind!

  4. Here's hoping that the upcoming Evil Dead remake is halfway as good as the extremely unofficial Evil Dead 6! (That is, Claudio "Troll II" Fragasso's genuinely good La Casa 5, aka Ghosthouse 5, aka Mark of the Devil 5, aka Return from Planet Ape, aka Troll IV, aka The Regrigerator 2: The Defrosting! So many alternate titles, only some of those ones real! haha!......And the Return from Planet Ape title IS real! haha! It's one for Tombs of the Blind dead though. Yeah, someone, somewhere wanted to market a film about Templar zombies attacking an Italian villa as a Planet of the Apes movie!)