Tuesday, July 31, 2018

A blogging update

Hi all! Just here with a bit of news, and it's all good, never fear. I've been quite sporadic in posting reviews as of late, due to a variety of other things. I'd usually become busy, be exhausted, then get distracted by other things (be it leisure, or other activities like writing, plants, attempted arts and crafts,  amateur piano practice, lingual studies, etc), and I'd alternate between really not feeling up for writing any reviews, or feeling very much up for it and getting a metric ton half written!...Only for something else to take up my attention and prevent me from finishing them, and by the time I'm ready, I'm not feeling it at that point. That, and a mix of me attempting several big projects at once in order to finally get them scratched off my review list (such as the James Bond series, The Persuaders, The Prisoner, The Sarah Jane Adventures, Terence Hill-Bud Spencer films, etc) has usually left me pretty beat, and I end up only getting a few reviews posted in the last minutes of the month, or none at all. I'm planning on making a change by finally implementing a proper schedule! No idea when the dates will be (perhaps they'll be fluid), but I'll probably post two reviews a week, whenever possible, and if I have some written ahead of time, and pace myself rather than trying to watch everything in 3 days, I should hopefully manage. I'll make a start next month with a lot of interesting stuff to discuss, making a start with weirdo Pakistani horror, and ending with some fun Europe-gazing adventure!...

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