Saturday, October 31, 2020

Happy Halloween for 2020!

Happy Halloween everyone! I had a busy month watching all of the classic Universal horror films, but it as a fun time finally getting them watched, and have ticked a massive blind spot from my cinematic bucket list. Now I'll have to finally watch all the Hammer movies I've missed over the years!

For my Halloween, I did all my usual things, watching spooky stuff, enjoying many snacks, etc. I also made up some lolly bags and went around trick or treating, both to take candy, and to give some out. I ended up mainly giving at the one place. A kids' party, where they swarmed me like little sharks. By sheer luck there were just enough bags there for all of them, except one girl, so I had to sacrifice a Snickers bar to keep her happy. I eventually got enough lollies to make for a nice sugar-filled night, and soon had a curry bubbling away on the stove for dinner too, so I was satisfied. And the year's pumpkin observed all night long, lit up from the inside...

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