Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Halloween Backburner and The Howlathon

So...all of those reviews coming that I mentioned in my previous post, I've got a solution to my computer troubles now and they'll be coming soon. I say soon because though most of them are written, it's nearing October, the month for horror, so I'll put them all on the backburner until the month is through.
So here's what's coming for Halloween on Not This Time, Nayland Smith:

A six-part review special for The Horror Collection: Six Tales of Terror, which contains The Kiss, Bloodstained Romance, Demon Wind, Haunted Manor, Hard Rock Zombies, and Invader.

...And more importantly...

The Howlathon. Seven days, seven Howling films. And yes, Joe Dante's famous werewolf movie The Howling had SIX sequels! And there's a seventh on the way with the new Howling Reborn, coming out in October. As for the majority of these sequels, they have a notorious reputation so dreaded that these films are rarely spoken outside of hushed tones...So naturally, I plan to watch and review all seven of these suckers, and the eighth when it comes out. Now other than the original classic first film, I haven't seen any of the sequels, so I'm going into them blind as to how bad they might be...yeah, I'm gonna have a SUPER FUN time for Halloween this year! *puts pistol in mouth*

Happy Halloween ! *bang*



    That's gonna be awesome. I hope to fire up something like that myself sometime soon. I've only ever seen the first one too. I'm pretty excited for the second one because it stars Reb Brown. I love that guy.

  2. Well from what I've heard, god ol' Reb does his usual schtick-screaming while gunning down dozens of enemies...but this time he's got help from Christopher Lee! Reb Brown teams up with Dracula to fight werewolves! With that plot and the hella cool theme song, it's not hard to see how Howling II got is cult status.