Friday, March 4, 2011

Frostbitten (2006)

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Predating Let the Right One In by two years, Frostbitten takes the crown for being the very first Swedish vampire movie ever!
Centering around a Swedish SS group in the 1940's (yep, this film one-ups Dead Snow by having a Nazi vampire) at the start, then on a girl named Saga and her mother, who've just moved into a Swedish town, where sunlight is nonexistent during the winter solstice. The story revolves around both the mother Annika investigating an aged chemist at the hospital where she works, and her daughter being befriended by the awesomely stylish goth Vega and her friends and being invited to a party. Long story short, in the interim of the aforementioned doctor slaying re-animated corpses from mysterious fatal maulings, two orderlies at the hospital who are looking for drugs to supply the party with, steal some mysterious red pills from the doctor's office. The rest of the movie focuses on Saga trying to get the hell out of the party's bloody aftermath and on Annika, whose investigation on the strange doctor could get her killed!

Blending horror and comedy effectively (whenever the comedy is present, which isn't all that often for a movie touted to be hilarious), Frostbitten is a fun vampire film that is an interesting contrast with the super-serious Let the Right One In. The acting is good, and the story compelling; there is some interesting stuff about vampires here. The characters are good too, ranging from the former-SS soldier/Chemist to Vega, who's by far the best character, and to say anything more about her would be to spoil the best parts of the movie. There's only one elephant in the room with this movie.


No, seriously, it just abruptly ends two thirds into the film! There are several plot threads that are just completely abandoned! I've seen Godfrey Ho films that didn't end as quickly as this did!

Other than that massive problem, the film is very entertaining, and one of the best Scandinavian horror films next to Norway's Cold Prey series (of which the third installment came out in October last year, and it's arrival on DVD is one that I have marked on my calender).

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