Sunday, July 6, 2014

An Irregularly Schedule Grease 2 Recommendation, and The Adventures of Fu Manchu

Hi y'all. Just a friendly reminder that anyone who hasn't heard of Grease 2 and is into fun musicals needs to watch it immediately.

Also, on another note, a couple of years back, I reviewed all of obscure '50's TV series The Adventures of Fu Manchu, and those posts are among my least viewed, which is a shame, given I'm one of the very very few people on the internet who have talked about the series in any kind of detail, and I think I may be the only person to have reviewed all the episodes! (You see, most people who've seen any of Adventures have only seen a particular bunch, from those crappy public domain DVD releases the series got a few years back-Releases which only have six-or-so episodes between them, hence the only eps on Youtube are those select few). So, if you're at all interested in Fu Manchu, and/or old TV shows, give them a read when you have the time. They could do with the attention, given most of them only have about fifty views apiece (and that's over the course of two years). And also, please forgive any typos you may find. I'm in the process of weeding them out, but it's currently 12:40, and sleep calls...

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