Sunday, September 21, 2014

Innerspace (1987)

As anyone who reads this blog regularly will know, I have a lot of favourite movies, from Grease 2, to Mannequin, to Bloodsport 2, Street Fighter, and many others. One such film to receive that honour is Joe Dante's 1987 sci-fi comedy Innerspace!...

Lt. Tuck Pendleton is a washed out pilot who's just been dumped by his girlfriend. He focuses his efforts on training for a top secret government experiment in shrinking technology, but as Tuck is shrunken down and about to be injected into a rabbit, the laboratory is attacked by a group of criminals, intent on stealing the microchips that make the shrinking process work. Scientist Ozzie manages to escape outside to a mall, but is fatally wounded by a hitman, and in his dying moments, he injects Tuck into a random bystander. The man, Jack Putter, is a hypochondriac and a nervous wreck, always worried about something. Unfortunately for him, he now has something to be worried about, as the second microchip is in Tuck's submersible, and the criminals, led by businessman Victor Scrimshaw, are now after Jack. Tuck successfully manages to make contact with Jack from inside his submersible, and directs Jack through events as the due have to evade danger and retrieve the stolen microchip before Tuck's oxygen runs out...

Innerspace is a hilarious film that never gets old for me! Part of it is that the movie is just plain rewatchable, but it's also because I just like the plot so much. The characters are so much fun, and the evolution of Jack Putter's character from a frail wimp to a self-assured in-control guy is a joy to watch! This is a really well-written film from beginning to end, and that includes the end credits! The movie ends on such a high, and plays such a good song over the credits that you'll be glued to your seat until the 'theatre's lit up'.

The leads in Innerspace are perfect! Martin Short is great as the nervous hypochondriac Jack Putter, and isn't annoying, which is a plus! Dennis Quaid is likeable as the rogue-ish Tuck Pendleton, and Meg Ryan is entertaining as journalist and Tuck's ex Lydia, sharing great chemistry with Short. While the three main actors all do great jobs here, the villains really shine! There are four unique and distinctive antagonists in this movie, from the silent heavy Mr. Igoe, to the eccentric thief-for-hire he Cowboy, as well as the two baddies, played wonderfully by Kevin McCarthy, and Fiona Lewis.

The special effects on display here are fantastic! This comedy manages to have practical effects portraying the vastness of the human body just as well as a serious movie about the same concept, such as Fantastic Journey, and without the plot holes, too!

And finally, the film's soundtrack is great! The Sam Cooke tunes complement the movie perfectly!

Innerspace is a fantastic movie, and I never get tired of it! I highly recommend it, for any occasion!...


  1. I really need to rewatch this. Haven't seen it since my childhood (possibly in the theater, although I think I'm mixed up because I would've been five, and the only things I remember about this one are the fake-out gun lighter and the fact that I had a crush on Martin Short, and five seems a tad too young to have figured that out).

  2. You haven't seen this since you were a child? In that case, Emily, you need to rewatch it immediately, no matter what! May nothing get in your way!