Saturday, January 31, 2015

Ella the Elephant (2013-)

Based on a series of books by Carmela and Steven D'Amico, Ella the Elephant is a CG animated Canadian children's show that I got into recently after seeing it on TV, and it's been an extremely entertaining daily treat for the last few weeks! Here's hoping it gets renewed for a second season!...

Ella is a young girl living on Elephant Island. She and her friends Tiki, Belinda, and Frankie are constantly up to something, whether it be competitions, trunk-to-trunk sports matches, treasure hunts, stage fright troubles, school projects, or helping stranded seafarers, and Ella always has a solution to her troubles, thanks to her magic hat!...

Ella the Elephant is a very good show! It's well-written, and always teaches good lessons. Even better is that they're never really forced.

The characters here are highly amusing. Ella is a dynamic lead, while Frankie is the goofball, Tiki is the smartest one, and Belinda is the spoiled, yet likeable daughter of the mayor-A fact she never lets anyone forget.

The CG animation in this show is very good. The texture for their skin is pretty simple, but hey, they're elephants, and it looks good, so who's complaining. The backgrounds and locations are all handrawn 2D pictures, which sounds like a terrible mix with 3D CG characters, but it actually works! Everything meshes well, particularly thanks to the use of shadows.

The best aspect of this show's animation by far is the ears! The ears of the characters in this show are so cute, the way they flap around! Awww!

The acting here is very good, with no-one turning in a bad performance. The best is definitely lead Addison Holley, who plays Ella. She not only carries the show, but its music too (as I'll get into below), which is a lot to do, but she manages to do it all perfectly!

The music in Ella The Elephant is very good, especially the main theme (sung adorably by Addison Holley), and its instrumental counterpart that plays over the ending credits.

If you simply enjoy watching shows for all ages, or if you have kids, Ella the Elephant is a perfect thing to show them!...Well unless they're a boy. Most young boys are immature bastards who refuse  to watch/read anything 'girly', for fear of being ostracized, and cooties. I should know, seeing as how that's exactly how I acted at that age...


  1. We have these books so I will seek the advice of my 6-year-old to see if this on.