Friday, May 17, 2013

May Monster Madness Has Come to an End Once More

Well I've had a great time with May Monster Madness this year! I WAS planning on reviewing a random bunch of horror flicks, but after I reviewed the DVD Aussie-horror double feature of Inn of the Damned and Night of Fear, I realized that I owned quite a few more Australian horror movies, so that theme totally overtook everything else!

So, after ploughing through giant killer pigs, a murderous outback couple, a postal cop slasher film, one hell of a weird oddity of a film, and a nature strike back film that featured nowhere near as much wombats and koalas murdering people, I'm now done with May Monster Madness for this year! I would have also reviewed Bad Boy Bubby, but didn't because-1: I'm really not sure if it'd count; and 2: I was too busy watching Eurovision 2013 tonight to write the review.

Last year I did twelve posts, but I only did five this year. That's because I was a lot busier with other stuff this May! Hence, I've only read a few posts from other May Monster Madness entrees. Well it's time to change that! I have a lot of reading ahead of me!...

Same time next year!...

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  1. Thanks for participating, Chris! I think MMM was a big success! Now, go relax and watch Eurovision! ;)

  2. Not a problem! I'm glad it was a success this year too! And yep, I can relax now, watch Eurovision, and all my other recent purchases that MMM has been postponing me from watching.

  3. +JMJ+

    As usual, I miss all the good stuff until it's too late. =( But if you have May Monster Madness again next year, don't be surprised if I show up!

  4. Cool! I for one, can't wait to do all this again next yeat, albeit being less busier with other stuff, I hope.