Friday, May 10, 2013

May Monster Madness is Here Again!...

Yep, May Monster Madness, a blogathon held by Annie Walls, Emma from Little Gothic Horrors, and Ked from Something Wicked this Way Comes, is back again! It's back again tomorrow! I would have made a post about this sooner, but I had internet trouble for a short while (I'll elaborate in my upcoming Parks and Recreation review). I have a lot lined up for it this year, like Australian horror, to robocop vs coke smuggling vampire gangsters, to Italian horror, and lots more!

Here are all the other people participating in MMM this year...

1. Annie Walls  15. The Dark World of MJ Preston  29. Professor Z  
2. Magaly Guerrero  16. Entertaining Interests  30. Dark Rosaleen  
3. Stephen Tremp  17. Emily Unraveled  31. The Beveled Edge  
4. Pagan Culture  18. Cinematic Catharsis  32. Candilynn Fite  
5. Toni @ My Book Addiction  19. Unnatural Selections  33. Jason Lloyd  
6. QueenCicada  20. GingerRead Review  34. Diane Riggins  
7. Ninja Captain Alex J. Cavanaugh  21. Carmen Jenner Author  35. Lori Parker  
8. Something WicKED this way comes...  22. Book Me!  36. Coffintree Hill  
9. Little Gothic Horrors  23. Design du Jour  37. Tasha's Thinkings  
10. Maynard Morrissey's HORROR MOVIE DIARY  24. Not This Time, Nayland Smith  38. Stuff! Also, Things.  
11. Kweeny Todd  25. FIRE IT UP! Beer-fueled Horror Musings  39. Lexa Cain  
12. This and that...  26. Shah Wharton  40. Roland Yeomans  
13. Lynda @ The Auld Grey Mare  27. Tim Brannan, The Other Side  41. Real Queen of Horror  
14. L.G. Keltner @ Writing Off the Edge  28. Holly's Horrorland  


  1. Looking forward to your MMM posts, Chris! :)

  2. Yep, plenty of Aussie horror! I've got four of 'em lined up! Night of Fear, Inn of the Damned, Long Weekend, and Razorback!