Sunday, December 31, 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you, from Not This Time, Nayland Smith! I hope you all had and are having a wonderful time.

My original seasonal blogging plan was to have a special '12 Days of Mantan Moreland' marathon, like I did for fellow golden age of Hollywood actor Regis Toomey last December, however only a few of the movies I'd found felt suitable, with the others not seeming like the best since they didn't really star him. I was especially disappointed at not being able to find some more of his starring roles on short notice. Oh well. I'm busy anyway learning Turkish, and planning a holiday, not to mention the then upcoming Christmas, so I just decided against it. Perhaps next year, and I'll finish and post those other Moreland reviews relatively soon.

Christmas itself was nice. I rewatched Grease 2, with some other perennial favourites over the following days. I got some nice presents, (clothes, comics, DVD's, video games, a book), and the food was yummy! A shame I had to be considerate and share the trifle with others, and not devour it all myself. Other things I did for entertainment while waiting for family to arrive was read Acclaim comic series Doctor Tomorrow, one of my gifts. Not really a seasonal read, but no matter. As for the just past new year, I celebrated it by following the internet's advice and playing Africa by Toto at a certain time, so the first chorus kicked in just as the clock switched to the new year!

See you all later, and may there be plenty of bizarre and wonderful content in the new year...


  1. Wait what is the Africa thing you speak of? Dang guess I will be googling that soon. As for Grease 2 my daughter kept asking to watch it this week lol have a safe New Year

  2. It was a picture I saw doing the rounds on twitter or facebook, saying that if you start playing Toto's Africa at the exact time, it'll get to the chorus in time for the strike of midnight. Google should help.

    Wow, you have a Grease 2 devotee for a daughter? That's great to hear! :)