Saturday, August 29, 2020

The Terror of Tiny Town (1938)

When I watch movies my opinion is usually pretty firm. But every now and then, whether through a bad mood, =, or just a freak turn of the stars, you dislike a movie the first time you see it, then enjoy it the next! The last time I saw The Terror of Tiny Town I didn't care for it much at all, beyond certain qualities, and I found it quite dull. But now...

The Terror of Tiny Town is unique as being one of the few (if only) movies to star an all-= cast!

The plot here is basic, but in an effective way. We easily understand what's going on, and like the characters because of it. The men are men, women are women, and villains are villains!

At only an hour long, the novelty of the production never wears off, nor do I think it could. Of course the movie is trying to be =, but besides that it's just a normal movie with a cast that just happens to be little. As long as it's not constantly in your face, like "GET IT, they're short!" in a meanspirited way, any novelty =

I'm surprised   It seems that a couple of the = are children =, though that could be wrong, and they're few and far between anyway.

This is partially a musical, as 1930s westerns often were. Why couldn't we have had spaghetti western heroes break out into song more? But on that same toke, watching a little western where they = to Ennio Morricone tracks would be even better!

There are a couple of songs here, and get reprised a bit. The Jack and Jill song is decent enough, though sung again a bit too quickly for my tastes. As for the singing, it's decent. Nothing amazing, but nothing too horrible. Billy Curtis is the best in the movie. The rest of the score is typical cowboy tracks

The acting here is all competent. Curtis is a handsome strapping lead, Yvonne Moray is adorable as Nancy, and William H. Rhodes is a good villain. A bit hammy, but that's ok in a movie like this,

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