Friday, May 31, 2019

Carolina Cotton Appreciation Post

All the way back in...2012 (nooo, it can't have been that long ago!) I discussed the 1940s musical I'm from Arkansas. A pretty decent picture, and one that had a certain actress of note-one Carolina Cotton! I took an immediate liking to her,but never got around to reviewing more of her content, mainly because her 200+ strong filmography left me daunted. Recently, however, I realised there were only 20 or so credits to her name, and I'd misread an extra 0. I haven't had much luck finding many of these, and I'm from Arkansas may well have been her biggest role, so I probably won't get the chance to review more of her films any time soon, but what I can do is write an appreciation post!

Born in 1925, the Nordically named Helena Hagstrom found a talent for that divisive singing known as yodelling. Performing both on the stage and behind the camera, as well as hosting a radio variety show for a time, she honed her skills over the years and had many fun little distinctions. There are more complete and knowledgeable sources of her life, and it's a decently interesting one, but I'm not here to write a full biography. Rather, just to give a general outline, and lighting a path for others to follow. Whether or not I'll eventually look at all her other films remains to be seen, for the two aforementioned reasons, but this post won't be my last or only word on her, because I've written a very special tribute in a certain upcoming project, which will be announced next month. In the meantime, the best place to start  Carolina Cotton is definitely her music, which was certainly the highlight of whatever she appeared in!...Well, unless you hate yodelling, that is...

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