Friday, January 31, 2020

The Neanderthal Man (1953)


The Neanderthal Man is a mad scientist run amok  film set in the forested California wilderness,

does a good job of showing him be =, while simultaneously making it totally understandable why  In some movies, you cringe when the closeminded scientists immediately dismiss the revolutionary scientist before he can offer  evidence, but here it makes total sense! = has done nothing but waffle on inanely about brain sizes of early apes, and insulted the hosts.   doesn't make his point clear

amusing is how he's the most radical-minded man in the town, yet the moment people mention  he tries shutting them down faster than a =, asking how they can be so stupid to believe in such nonsense! I'm surprised he was able to = with a straight face, when he's genetically engineering sabretooth tigers/prehistoric beasts in his lab  I get why he's doing it, but what must his neighbours think of the local crackpot =?

fiance  although I feel the film doesn't do enough with her. She wants him to open up to her, and is genuinely interested in his work, wanting to know and promising she won't ever laugh at him...Then he tells her and she laughs at him. A bit disappointing, right? It would've been better I feel if she'd stuck by him and shown that one person still has faith in him. After all, what mad scientists ever have loved ones who know all about their = studies? After this = just disappears from the movie for a while, and only returns ===.

If I had to pick a criticism with The Neanderthal Man, it's how little the titular monster does once he's =. He kills a few people, but besides that there's nothing deeper. No =, just him running around the forest looking for new victims

While the characters here are intelligent for the most part, there are scenes of severe idiocy. The first is when = and the magistrate find and successfully kill the sabretooth tiger, and knowing they won't be believed without more witnesses, they go to get them...leaving the evidence behind! Surprise surprise, it's gone when they come back, and they're thought of as crazy. Who c/would've known!

There's also the stupidest woman alive, who after witnessing her date's death, rushes over to check his boy *before the monster that killed him is out of range*! IF she was that comfy being in range of the monster, why didn't she help him when it was beating him to death! He almost turned the tides, and could've won if you nabbed a rock and walloped the beast one, then you'd have a laugh over some drinks about the thrilling adventure you had

The final] moment of idiocy comes when =, and he decides the best way to prove his theory is to = on the cat! Sure, it's a relatively painless and temporary procedure, but it's still not nice turning/to turn a cat into a sabretooth tiger! And then the dumbest thing is, *they don't watch it*! They just bugger off to the next room for an hour, and are shocked to find  broken out the window. On that note ,did the doctor just not/has still not invested in a better cage and a more secure window?

The Neanderthal Man is a pretty serious film, with not much in the way of comedy, but there is one scene that had me laughing, and I'm sure the movie was in on the joke. When = is making her heartfelt declaration of = to her fiancee, she musses up his hair, and this dignified scientist spends the rest of the scene with a gigantic cowlick!

The effects here are equally funny. While we only see it for brief flashes, the sabretooth tiger muppet is truly hilarious, as is the poor substitution of a regular tiger. The animal works very well in the scenes, but the problem is that it looks nothing like the = its playing, and there's not even an attempt to give it fake tusks. I suppose no-one wanted the job of putting them on!

More importantly, the effects for the titular monster are better realised. Still cheesy and =,


The Neanderthal Man is

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