Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Wow, an Australian Christmas that wasn't at least forty degrees! That's not common in these parts! There wasn't even a single time where I had to painstakingly beat a snake to death with a blunt axe! Needless to say, my Christmas was fun! Among my presents were the latest Stephen King book, a CD of Supergrass, a Game of Thrones Westeros glass mug, a Doctor Who TARDIS mug, a Doctor Who trivial pursuit game (that I literally know all the answers to!), a longbox that I have no idea how to assemble, and the complete run of comic series It Girl and the Atomics, among other presents!

The day was slow to start, as my relations weren't already here come Christmas Eve, but drove down on Xmas Day, so I only had a couple of presents to open before having to wait nearly five hours (I got up at 7:00, which is unusual for me-I guess my body just knows when it's Christmas!). I wiled away the time watching internet videos, reading Shortpacked, playing a calm game of Ninja Gaiden, and picking out a nice Questionable Content shirt to wear for the special day. Come lunchtime, everyone had since arrived, and after a lunch of turkey, chicken, ham, hard-boiled eggs, cucumber, and a whole host of other assorted vegetables that I refused to touch, there was a delicious dessert of Trifle and Pavlova!...That I was too full to eat!

When it came to the TV, there was very little Christmassy on. Only a few movies from the last couple of years, all having two stars or less in the TV guide! And Christmas Eve had four Xmas flicks, all one star! So I ended up watching The Sound of Music, which was he best thing on TV at night.

I hope all of you had a great Christmas, or happy other holidays, depending on what you celebrate. And I bet most of you lucky bastards got to have beautiful snow for yours. For me, snow is an unattainable myth.

Happy holidays, and a merry Patrick Swayze Christmas to you!...

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