Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Guest Post over at Eternity of Dream: Only Angels Have Wings (1939)

Head over yonder to here to see a guest post I did for film blog Eternity of Dream, of Howard Hawk's Only Angels Have Wings!


  1. Thanks for writing and contributing it Chris!

  2. The film isn't a favorite but it's a good intro for young Rita Hayworth and nearly the end for Richard Barthlemess, who made his bigger contributions in Silents but has a considerable value in a few Depression-Era films (HEROES FOR SALE).

    This was an interesting attempt at drama for Cary, and he followed this up with the dour divorce tale, IN NAME ONLY with Carole Lombard. His TALK OF THE TOWN (with Jean Arthur and Ronald Colman) and MR LUCKY get more votes on my favorite meter than OAHW.

    Still, it's a rare cast collection, and might have been considered 'supercharged' with that cast, in those years. Thomas Mitchell turns in many other strong performances, although never in a starring role.

  3. Thanks for the interesting comment!