Saturday, December 31, 2016

The 12 Days of Regis Toomey: Wrap-Up

shows/goes to show that just because an actor isn't all that great, doesn't necessarily mean they should just be booed to early retirement, because there's always potential for improvement]. Will that happen all the time? Nope, some actors stay consistently awful their whole careers, but some do get better, just like Toomey.

while his later career consisted of cop roles, his earlier features seem to feature him either being arrested for crimes he didn't commit, or not being arrested despite actually doing something wrong (whether the movie realizes he did or not)  And of course, with a healthy dose of him getting killed =, as well as him = playing police officers.

something else I noticed in a lot of these movies are characters being framed because = are jealous that the woman  actually like them instead  Thankfully these = trash always got their comeuppance

Don't worry Reeg, you got the girl plenty in these older movies!

made sure to pick out films where he either headlines, or is a main supporting lead, rather than a more minor character. Doing so actually left me with a lot of his earlier roles, as it took a little while before he found his niche as a supporting player.

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