Monday, May 7, 2012

May Monster Madness Has Come to an End

May Monster Madness has come to a close. WOW, I've had a busy week! Twelve reviews in seven days-I'm surprised I haven't died yet! Well I've certainly had lots of fun, seen lots of films, from wacky to terrible, to completely unwatchable (but I still soldiered through them). I only reviewed twelve films though, not thirteen as I'd hoped. That's because I didn't review Prince of Darkness. As for why I didn't, I only first saw it pretty recently, so I didn't want to watch it again so soon. But hey, it's probably lucky that I didn't review thirteen films-if Night of Horror was review No. 13, the gates to hell probably would have swung open, and Ry'lieh would have risen from the squamous (no, I don't know what that means either) depths! haha!
I have to thank Annie Walls for starting this awesome blogfest. And kudos to everyone else who participated. This was an awesome seven days!

1. Annie Walls  15. Horror Author Vanessa Morgan  29. blackdragon  
2. Little Gothic Horrors  16. Cayce @ Fighting Dreamer  30. Jurassic Goth  
3. Pensive Pumpkin  17. It Came From The Man Cave  31. Monsterfink's Midnight Monster Spookshow  
4. Queens of the Wild Frontier  18. It's On Random  32. Residentgamer  
5. Lady Bethezda  19. Not This Time, Nayland Smith  33. nitebyrd  
6. Le Professeur Gothique  20. Artwork By Living Dead Girl Nicole  34. Everything You Want  
7. wicKED  21. Metamorphosis  35. Kweeny Todd  
8. Shingle Creek Manor  22. Crafts and Creations with KMOM14  36. Ghost Stories and Haunted Places  
9. Daph's Dark Little Corner  23. skarlett  37. Jess @ Wickedly Bookish  
10. Jenny Krueger  24. Dani Harper, Paranormal Author  38. GingerRead  
11. Holly's Horrorland  25. Manvshorror  39. Lynoire  
12. blackwood  26. Horror Shock Lolipop  40. HorrorSmorgasbord  
13. Punk You  27. Bob @ Beauty in Ruins  

14. Kharisma Rhayne  28. Precious Monsters  

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