Monday, May 28, 2012

My thoughts on The Avengers

Ok ,I don't have much to say about The Avengers at this point, I'm terrible at writing reviews from scratch. I'll get a proper review out once it comes out on DVD. For now, here are my thoughts-THE AVENGERS WAS FUCKING AWESOME!

Two highlights I will mention-
1. The 'puny god' scene.
and 2. The post-credits scene (which only about fifteen people in my theatre saw!) featuring a certain villain...Thanos, God of Death!!!!

Yes Thanos, you did let go of the cube!

A couple of other things about that comic...Why the hell is Thanos god of death flying a helicopter? Why can't a god get the cosmic cube off of a small child? Why was Thanos, all powerful lord and master of the universe being arrested by the fuzz at the end?
*end tangent*

So, for those who still haven't seen The Avengers, know that you court death until you do...


  1. I loved the Avengers too, it was awesome ♥!

  2. Yeah, I'm probably going to watch it again in theatres! haha!

  3. That movie was great. Been awhile since I've been really excited to go out to the theatre. I'd actually go see it again.

    That Thanos comic...ah hahahaha!

  4. That Thanos looks like he'd have trouble beating Ant-Man! haha!